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V inc.

Transcend Boundaries,
Unite Globally.

A strategy for all potential businesses.

  • We employ Japanese strategies for international opportunities,
  • while we utilize global strategies for opportunities in Japan.
  • V inc. will delve deep and bridge the gap to establish connections between People, Brands and Events that transcend borders and languages. We aim to create an unprecedented solid foundation for prosperity.


  • V inc. is an all-encompassing business support team of entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting products, services, or seeds (ideas) to achieve global recognition as world-class goods from Japan. Our team will collaborate with you on business development, implementing growth strategies, and devising tactical strategies to ensure the successful delivery of your goods to end users.
  • 01 Business incubation for cross-border businesses
  • 02 Startup business incubation
  • 03 Branding and marketing strategies and implementation support
  • 04 Business strategic planning and innovative growth implementation support
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